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CIMTool is an open source tool for working with the Common Information Model (CIM) to produce design artifacts such as database schemas, message exchange syntax, source code classes, and reference documentation. CIM is a UML model used in the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution domains.



CIMTool allows users to:

  • Create Contextual Profiles from the CIM Unified Model Language (UML)
  • Generate schemas such as Resource Description Framework Schema (RDF Schema) from a Contextual Profile
  • Validate Contextual Profile schemas
  • Validate data instances against a Contextual Profile schema
  • Validate incremental data instances against an instance and a Contextual Profile schema
  • Import Contextual Profiles from a spreadsheet

Questions and Discussion

The CIMTool community has a Discussion board on GitHub which you can use to ask questions, get help, and engage with the rest of the community.